Ancient Greek port in Turkey


The son of Athens king Androclos was looking for a place to found a site. He wanted to escape from Dor invasion. He was the leader of the migration group. It was believed depending on an Apollon oracle that a boar or a fish would lead the new settlement location. After days, a fish fell down and irritated a boar. The boar ran off and Androclos chased the boar. He founded Ephesus, an , where he killed that boar. He was the first king of Ephesus History. When he died, a mausoleum was built in the memory of him. Historians think that it was placed around Magnesia Gate.

Kreisos was a Lydian King of Ephesus, the ancient Greek port in Turkey. When Ephesus came at its golden age, it was a great model in terms of art and culture. Not all the remains have been discovered except for the Temple of Artemis. Detailed excavations are still continuing. 

Persians ruled Ephesus

Afterwards, Persians ruled Ephesus, the ancient Greek port in TurkeyIn the History of Ephesus, ephesians did not stand against Persians, so it did not come across with destruction because Persian lost the Ionian Rebellion. Alexander the Great won as a result the Ionians got their independence. In Alexander the Great’s period Ephesus was wealthy. There were oligarchic and democratic systems in Ephesus History until Alexander the Great came. After a new ruler, the Oligarchic system ended and a rebellion showed up.

Ephesus ancient ruins kusadasi turkey

Lysimachus, a general of Alexander the Great took over the control of Ephesus, the ancient Greek port in Turkey. Because alluviums destroy the port, citizens had to change their settlements, so he wanted to relocate the city. As a result, they moved to a place that is called Lysimakhos’ wife. During the History of Ephesus,the ancient Greek port in Turkey, it moved a lot. Wide walls were surrounding the city. 

Ephesus in the Bible

In early Christianity, History of Ephesus has great importance since it played a big role. St. Paul improved Ephesus by spreading Christianity. St. Paul struggled a lot while spreading Christianity because Ephesians were worshiping Artemis and they were rejecting Christianity. After St. Paul’s efforts, most of the population accepted Christianity. St. Paul sent one of his famous letters to the church of Ephesus. After St. Paul, St. Jean and Virgin Mary came to Ephesus. 

In Ephesus History, during Byzantine period, Ephesus, the ancient Greek port in Turkey, became a Seljukian city. Many years later, Caystros silted up the site and it was farther from the sea. Because the ports in Izmir and Kusadasi have improved, Ephesus lost its importance.

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