Who is St. John?

St.Jean, also known as St. John, is a Palestinian clergyman. Although it is not known where and when he was born, in some sources BC. XV. It is reported that he was born in Galilee in the 16th century. John is the son of Zebedee and Salome, brother of Jacob. The name of Saint John is also mentioned as “John” in the Gospel of John. St. John was twenty-four years old when he became an apostle and was one of Jesus’ youngest apostles. 

Where did St. John the apostle live?

John was the disciple of Jesus, after John first, and became one of his most favorite apostles. He is also known as the apostle who took the task of bringing Mary from Jerusalem to Ephesus and wrote the Bible. Among the ancient cities of Western Anatolia, Ephesus has a special importance in the history of religions, especially in the history of Christianity. Also known as the Church of Saint John, St. Jean Church Turkey is located in the south of the hill where Selcuk Castle is located and is the most magnificent of the Byzantine period works in Ephesus Turkey

st john burial site

St. John Burial Site

According to Christian legends, St. Jean died on this hill in 50 AD. A wooden-roofed church was built for St Jean, who was buried here, in the 4th century AD. History of saint john the apostle end here. 

 During the time of the Byzantine king Justinian (527 – 565 A.D.), a domed basilica, whose remains are still visible, was built. The importance of the church has come to light with the excavations and restoration works carried out in the region where the church of st john ephesus turkey is located. 

In the work, the Byzantine artifacts in the Ephesus region were built in the name of St Jean, one of the most important saints who spread Christianity. 

In the Church of Saint John, which has been described as a very important pilgrimage center for the Orthodox community since then, rituals are held here in the spiritual presence of Saint John, according to the Christian faith, on 8 May every year in ephesus turkey.

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