Why Ephesus Ancient City is so Special?

Why is Ephesus so famous?

We guarantee that Ephesus is the best ancient site to visit. Why is it better than other ancient cities in the world? Let’s explain them.

Why you should visit Ephesus Ancient City:

Ephesus is older than the ruins you see most of the time in most of the places.

The Ephesus that anyone visits was founded in the 4th century B.C., although the first city dates back to the 10th century B.C., it is assumed that there were at least 5 cities. Archaeologists discovered objects dating back to 6200 B.C., half a mile away from the remains of Ephesus, in Cukurhoyuk, which is a mound.

The city lasted for longer.

Even if we concentrate only on the city visited today by visitors, I can’t help being surprised at the fact that it existed between the 4th century B.C. and 15th century A.D. despite all the seizures, battles, illnesses, fires it had to suffer.

In world history, it has taken a more significant role.

Ephesus served as the capital city of Asia Minor neokros at least twice that was visited by Alexander  the great, Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony and Cleopatra and became a home to St Paul, St John and Virgin Mary. It was so magnificent that the temple of Artemis-one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, was the third largest library-the Celsus Library, the second largest gymnasium in the ancient world, the largest gymnasium in the ancient world, and the largest theater of Asia Minor were all built in Ephesus.

Why is Ephesus so famous?

There’s got plenty to see around it.

There are amazing places to visit within a ten-minute drive from Ephesus, such as The House of the Virgin Mary, where she is thought to spend her last years, The Basilica of St John, where St John the Apostle was buried, The Temple of Artemis, and a lovely archaeological museum in Ephesus. There are resorts for beach enthusiasts, shoppers’ warehouses, and nearby restaurants for food lovers.

Ruins are better and nicer.

It seems like you have gone back in time as you stroll down the marble streets of Ephesus. Here and there, there are no pieces of rubble, much of the city centre has been excavated and re-erected. You can see much of the state and social buildings and houses of the richest people of Ephesus.

Better guides.

Since guiding in Turkey is a well paying and valued work, a lot of young people want to become guides. As a result, most of the guides have excellent qualifications and speak fluent languages. Seeing places with a guide makes a huge difference and some of the best guides in the world work in the Kusadasi region. Join our tour with experienced and knowledgeable guides to have a better day in Ephesus.

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