What is inside the Museum of Ephesus in Turkey?

The Museum of Ephesus in Turkey- Facts and Information

The monuments that were discovered in Ephesus from 1867 to 1905 were brought to the British Museum. After excavations, the historical objects found between 1905 and 1923 were brought to Vienna. When the Republic of Turkey was founded in 1923, the government prohibited taking historical objects out of the country and wanted the artifacts that were transported. The Ephesus Museum in Turkey was established in 1964. After that, the historical objects found during excavations in Ephesus were kept in this museum.

In the Museum of Ephesus not only these historical objects are kept but also the artifacts of the Temple of Artemis and the Basilica of St. John are kept there. Visitors can see ancient coins that date back to the time money was first used.

What does galleries include in the Ephesus Museum?

The Ephesus Museum Turkey is not organised chronologically. However artifacts in the galleries are organised according to content. These galleries involve Hall of Ephesus Artemis, Ephesus through ages, coins, Museum shop and cafe, Hall of Imperial Cult, Hall of Mother Goddess cult, Court with column capitals and tombs, findings from the Terrace Houses, Sculptures from the Fountains.

What is inside the Museum of Ephesus in Turkey?

The Artemis Statue of the Ephesus Museum

Everybody should watch the 3D simulations of Ephesus before seeing the galleries, so they can have an idea about the setting of the city and how the architecture used to look like. You can watch the video in different languages like Turkish, German and English. It takes 10 minutes. Before the gallery of fountain statues, the first place is the 3D video simulation room in The Ephesus Museum in Turkey.

The Artemis Statue of the Ephesus Museum is one of the most impressive artifacts. Other impressive artifacts are Socrates Head, the Eros with rabbit, the Egyptian Priest, the Statue of Priapus and the oldest piece is a stamp discovered in Cukurici Mound.

The Ephesus Archaeological Museum in Turkey is situated in Selcuk. It is opposite the minibus stop. So, you can easily reach there by a private transfer, taxi or minibuses. 

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