The Most Popular People in Asia Minor

Their names and deeds are very important for the Christianity and they are either born or lived in Anatolia.

Constantine The Great

Constantine the Great, also known as Saint Constantine, was the Roman Emperor from 306 to 337, and was the sole holder of the title from 324 to 337. He is best known for becoming the first Christian emperor of Rome.

St. Barbara

Saint Barbara, also known as the Great Martyr Barbara in the Eastern Orthodox Church (3rd century), was a Christian martyr and saint.

Barnabas (St. Barnabas)

Joseph, a Levite from Cyprus, was given the name Barnabas, which meant “son of encouragement” by the Apostles. In many of St. John’s missionary journeys, he was his friend.

Biblical persons in Asia Minor

St. Basil

The “Father” of monasticism was St. Basil. He founded monasteries and, most importantly, he wrote The Rule of Monastic Life, which is still used in Orthodox monasteries today.

Saint Helen (St. Helen)

Helen set out on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in the year 326, at the age of 80, and after praying at the sites where Jesus was born, died, and was buried, she requested that excavations on the Golgotha, the cross on which Christ died, be started.

Saint Jacob (St. Jacob)

He was born in Nisibis, southeastern of Mardin, and lived as a monk for a time. He served as apostle of the city for approximately twenty years, from 309 to 338, the year of his death.

St. Gregory of Nyssa

He was a monk like his brother Basil the Great before he was elected Patriarch of Nyssa. During the Council of Constantinople, he demonstrated his philosophic prowess and was regarded as one of Christianity’s greatest proponents.

These people are very important for Christian history and they are important biblical personalities. If you book one of our Biblical Tours, you may get a more clear insight about them as well as ancient cities, churches and buildings.