St. Paul’s Prison

St. Paul addressed the churches in the letters. He refers to the persecutions he suffered. The churches are in Greece, Macedonia and Anatolia. But it is very difficult to guess where he suffered the persecutions. Also his words are known which are “the affliction that came to us in the province of Asia” (2 Cor 1:8) but it is not known if these words involve an imprisonment or not.

The apocryphal Acts of St. Paul tells that, the furious population put St. Paul’s feet into irons and shut him up in the prison till he should be exposed as a very prey to the lions. But it is not known if true or not. There is something interesting about this story. Acts of St. Paul tells that wives of eminent men were his attached disciples and they visited him by night. Then St. Paul discard from the iron fitters by God’s power and with angles.

After all these things, Christian traditions associated the westernmost tower of the fortifications on Bulbul Dagi or Mount Coressus with this baptism. The reason of that is the closeness of the mountain to the Aegean Sea.