Anatolia: Land of the Mother (13 Nights – 14 Days)

14 Days

Key Information about Anatolia: Land of the Mother Tour

Tour Duration: 13 nights / 14 days

Days of Operation: Private Tour – Regular Tour

Destinations: 2 nights in Istanbul, 1 night in train, 1 night in Ankara, 1 night in Konya, 3 nights in Antalya, 1 night in Pamukkale, 5 nights in Kusadasi.

Hotel’s Class: 5 Star Hotels

Season: All Year

Airfare Included: No

Tour Customizable: Yes


Day 1 :

A quick explanation of what we'll be doing every day. Until dinner, pay a visit to the Blue Mosque. Dinner in an old Istanbul house in the Blue Mosque's neighborhood (Dinner is included). Istanbul is where you will spend the night.

Day 2 :

Starting your day with a visit to the Cistern, a Turkish Islamic art gallery. The museum's silent surroundings can be used for an introduction to Anatolia's past through the prism of Istanbul's history. After lunch, we'll go to Topkapi Palace and see St. Sophia (we'll have a 20-minute lecture from your guide on St. Sophia-the Wisdom, followed by a visit to the St. Sophia museum). We will visit the Harem of Topkapi Palace and attempt to comprehend the institution of Harem and the role it played in European history. We'll have a group meeting before dinner to get a better idea of the tour and encourage tour participants to ask questions about how the tour will be managed. This meeting on the tour is critical. It would be wonderful to see all of the tour guests.

We'll get started first thing in the morning. We will visit the church of Chora after the Covered Bazaar, which is a rare museum of Mosaics from the 12th century portraying the role of Virgin Mary as the mother of God, with the focus on her being mother rather than Jesus being God. The tour members would have lunch on their own in a 19th-century Istanbul neighborhood before visiting the Spice Shop, which is the last stop on the Silk Road before the East's riches are spread to Europe. At 17.00, we'll take our private boat and cruise on the Bosphorus, bound for the Black Sea. Dinner will be on Istanbul's Asian side. We'll travel to Ankara by night train. You will be on the train for the night.

Before we visit the museum, your guide will give us an introduction to the goddesses. The Anatolian Cultures Museum will be our destination. We'll hear about humanity's evolution as a result of their capacity to manipulate nature. We'll see how the importance of the cult of the mother goddesses is inextricably tied to the community's economic structure. The museum will provide us with a clear understanding of Anatolia's different cultures and how they perceived women's roles in their societies. We will tour the Mausoleum of our republic's father after lunch to obtain a greater appreciation of modern Turkey. We'll drive to Konya for three hours. The tour participants can introduce themselves and speak about why they want to come to Turkey on this trip for a part of the trip so that the experience will be adjusted to their preferences as much as possible. Konya is where you will spend the night.

Today will be the tour's longest day. The day will start at 8:00 a.m. We will hear about Rumi at a local mosque, which will be used as an auditorium. At 10:00 a.m., we will depart for Catalhoyuk. At 11:15 a.m., we will arrive in Catalhoyuk. If the party wishes to spend a long time at the picnic spot, rituals and lectures will be available. We have until 2.30 p.m. to exit the site. Take a tour around the Toros Mountains. Picnic lunch and overnight stay in Antalya in a 200-year-old luxurious house in the old city. In Antalya, spend the night. Dinner is included in the kit and is served in the restaurant.

Day 6 :

We will drive to Perge and Aspendos. The columns decorated with depictions of Artemis can be seen on Perge's main street. At the venue, the community will perform their rituals and studies. If the tour participants can practice a dance or song to perform in Aspendos, we can set aside some time for our individual performances. We'll be in Side, which is a very touristy area, at the best preserved Roman theater we have in Turkey. There are swimming pools open. We'll try to stay away from the visitors and just enjoy a delicious lunch and an hour of swimming. We have a wonderful museum and a fantastic ancient place for those who do not want to dive. We will finish the day with a great must do experience in a Turkish Bath. Overnight in Antalya.

Day 7 :

We'll be on a gullet for the whole day. On the ships, lunch will be served. We'll go swimming and have a wonderful spot for a ceremony in Olympos' ruins. If the tour participants choose a more private environment than Aspendos for performing in a glorious setting, they can use this theater and its stunning surroundings for a wonderful spiritual experience. Our boat trip will end in Phasalis, a lovely little Roman island on the Mediterranean. You'll be on your own for dinner. Antalya is where we will spend the night.

Day 8 :

Drive north to Pamukkale, stopping to see the Nomads along the way. Take note of the nomad women's matriarchal nature. Swim in the natural pool of Hierapolis' hot springs. Pamukkale is where you'll spend the night.

Take the path to Aphrodisias. Pay a visit to the museum and the place. Tour visitors are provided with a picnic lunch and free time at the site to visit the site on their own and conduct ceremonies at the Temple of Aphrodite. If you want a guided tour, your guide will do her best to bring her favorite city to alive for you. Kusadasi is where you'll spend the night.

Notion and Metropolis Colophon is a Greek term that means "to Leto's Temple and Apollo's Temple. Today is a really enjoyable day. Unknown new excavations are visited. Pay a visit to the recently excavated area. Metropolis was the cult base for Artemis, the Mother Goddess. Visit Notion for a picnic lunch at the temple of Athena and a visit to the temple of Apollo and his mother Leto. In the Aegean Sea, you should dive. In Kusadasi, we will spend the night.

Visit the local Tire Store to see a range of handcrafted products. Lunch in a spectacular location with the possibility of conducting a ceremony. In Kusadasi, you have some spare time. Swimming and browsing are two of the favorite activities. In Kusadasi, we will spend the night. You're on your own for dinner.

The Oracles will be instructed by your guide. Woman oracles altered history with their prophecies at the oracle base. The Athena-Priene- Temple of Artemis -Magnesia and Meandros. Kusadasi is where you will spend the night.

Day 13 :

First, we will visit the Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the world. And then, visit Ephesus Ancient City where you will find the ruins of rich people who lived there many years ago. After having lunch in a Turkish restaurant, we will go to House of Virgin Mary and spend 30-45 minutes there. Visiting Basilica of St. John and Terrace Houses in Ephesus is optional.

Day 14 :

The tour is over after having breakfast in the hotel.

The Trip Cost Includes

  • 5 Star Hotel Accommodation including breakfast
  • Domestic Flight Ticket
  • All admission fees to the visited sites.
  • English speaking tour guide will serve you
  • Transportation by air-conditioned VIP vehicle.
  • All Taxes and service fees.

The Trip Cost Excludes

  • Visa for Turkey.
  • Any tips to guide.
  • Personal spending
  • Drinks with meals (except the drinks served with breakfast) and medical services.

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Anatolia: Land of the Mother (13 Nights – 14 Days)