Ephesus Full Day

1 Day


The ruins of Ephesus is a famous place in Turkey for all travellers around the world. Throughout the year, it has a lot of visitors. Because the ruins of Ephesus are one of the best-preserved sights in the world, it is an important place to visit. The temple of Artemis, the house of Virgin Mary and the Library of Celcius charms travellers. The temple of Artemis is one of the Seven Wonders and the Library of Celcius is an amphitheatre which is two thousand years old.

Trip Schedule

When you come to Kusadasi, you will meet your professional guide. First, you will visit the temple of Artemis. It is one of the seven wonders. We will learn more about why this temple was so remarkable and special in the past.

Second, the ruins of Ephesus. You will have a chance to see a well-preserved historical place of the Roman era.

At lunchtime, we will taste delicious Turkish cuisine in a local restaurant.

The third place to visit is the house of the Virgin Mary. In historical sources, it is said that after the resurrection of Christ, Virgin Mary was brought to Ephesus by Apostle John. She lived her final years there depending on historical knowledge. Pope Paul VI and John Paul II confirmed the church's authenticity which is inbuilt. Ephesus ruins are the largest open-air museum in Turkey and it will be our tour's most important part. We will have 30-45 minutes there.

An optional fourth visit: You can also visit Terrace Houses; however, it is extra. Wealthy Ephesians used to live in these houses. 

An optional fifth visit:  Basilica of St. John in Ephesus. He was one of the twelve apostles. He established the first Cristian community in Ephesus.


  • * Entrances
  • * Transportation (an experienced driver)
  • * Professional guiding service
  • * Lunch


  • * Drinks with lunch
  • * Extra entrance for Terrace Houses
  • * Extra entrance for Basilica of Saint John

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Ephesus Full Day