Priene – Miletus – Didyma

1 Day


Priene, Miletus, and Didyma are some of the best places that should be visited in Turkey. Priene is one of the old Greek cities. It was a port city before and it was built 380 meters higher than the sea level. There is a lot of Hellenistic architecture and art pieces in Priene.

Miletus is an old Greek city, too. It is located in the west of Anatolia. Many monuments in Miletus are devastated. The baths of Faustina and the theatre are still there.

Didyma was an old Greek sanctuary. It means twins in Greek. There is the Oracle of Apollo and the Temple that is why it is an important place to visit. Didyma is also referred to as twin temples. Since Artemis and Apollo’s cult center was founded at Didyma.


Day 1 :

First a visit to Priene that is the city of the ancient world and built on hillside.
Second a visit to the theatre, the Altar of Cybele and Zeus, The Agora, the temple of Athena, and the Bouleterium.
Continue with Miletus. It is the home of Thales. He was one of the first astronomers and he was concerned with solstices and astronomy. You will also have a chance to visit the Faustina Baths, the Nymphanion, the theatre, and Delphinium.
We will visit the temple of Apollo after lunch. It is the largest Oracle Centre of ancient Turkey.


  • * Entrances
  • * Transportation (an experienced driver)
  • * Professional guiding service
  • * Lunch


  • * Drinks with lunch


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Priene – Miletus – Didyma