Turkish Bath

One of the things on tourists’ to-do list is the Turkish Bath. It is called ‘Hamam’. Hamam is closer to a Scandinavian sauna but it is more similar to the Roman baths.  For those who are looking for relaxation on their vacation, it is a perfect opportunity to experience a Turkish tradition. Many tourists visit Turkish Hamams to relax with hot and cold water. You feel renewed in Hamam with clear water. Besides, experts in Hamams scrub you down with soap suds.


Many baths were built during the Ottoman era, especially in its capital Constantinople. They also existed in every Ottoman city like Kusadasi.

Nowadays Turkish baths in Kusadasi employ trained masseuse to massage people.  At your spa experience in Kusadasi, experts combine all bathing and relaxation techniques. Hamams are heated rooms with a marble slab. This marble slab is called göbek taşı. People who want to experience Turkish culture lie on this and professional scrubs and massages with oils. In the end, you will have a shower.

Many beauty procedures are carried out on this warmed stone too.

You must not miss this opportunity to enjoy your therapy in a traditional bath.


Day 1 :

Hamam packages include a sauna, foam massage, and body scrub with a special peeling glove that is called Kese on göbek taşı. Kese is a method of cleaning since the Ottoman era. After Kese, your skin gets smoother. Kese removes your dead skin and opens your skin pores.

A foam bath is after Kese. It cleans your skin from dead skin. You can leave yourself in professional hands and enjoy your relaxation. This is a privileged experience for anyone.

What to expect?

When you come to a Turkish bath in Kusadasi, you will find yourself in a hot room in the Turkish bath. This room helps your muscles relax. After that, you will meet your Tellak or Natir that will scrub you down with soap. This is called Kese. Kese removes your dead skin and opens your skin pores. After Kese, you will wrap yourself with towels and go into the cold room. You can have a massage or relax and drink something cold. After your experience, you will feel renewed and younger.

Do you wear clothes in a Turkish bath?

In Turkish baths, most people wear swimsuits or bikinis. At the entrance, they give you peshtemal to wrap yourselves and a towel for after bath. If you don’t want to wrap yourself with peshtemal, it is ok to bring your bathing suit.

How long does Turkish bath take?

It generally takes an hour to finish the ritual but if you want to stay longer you can make the most of it.

Are Turkish baths good for your health?

Because they cause better blood circulation, more oxygen goes to the damaged areas that ache, and oxygen causes rapid healing and a reduction in pain.

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Turkish Bath