Turkish Night (1001 Nights)


You will feel like Sultans (Emperors). Everything is in one night and all for your pleasure. Delicious Turkish Cuisine, Turkish belly dancers, Turkish folk dancers, and drinks. You just lay back and enjoy your night.

Typical Turkish night programs begin with live Turkish music and followed by Turkish dance performances with the Turkish Belly, folklore dancers, whirling dervishes show, and more.


Day 1 :

A usual Turkish night start with Turkish folk songs. Belly dancers and folk dancers follow the songs. While you are tasting the most delicious Turkish meals and drink, you also watch the best shows of professional dancers.
Turkish cuisine-open buffet starter
Main course:
Turkish singers, Belly dancers, Folk dancers
The program starts at about:
The program finishes at about:


How much does a night cost?

It depends on your restaurant that you choose to go and also the city you are in.

Sorunuzu aşağıdaki form aracılığıyla gönderebilirsiniz.

Turkish Night (1001 Nights)